Meet the Team

Senior Master Stylist & Salon and Spa Director

Amber Parker

I am a 20-year Master Hairstylist and Makeup Artist who is passionate about being the best that I can be in my craft. My skillsets are ever evolving through education and experience.  I love learning from people who do things differently than I would, then incorporating my own flare. My favorite part about my artistry is coloring and styling, because I’m able to be meticulous and creative. I pride myself in being compassionate in my work and home life, both with my clients and family.

Senior Lead Esthetician

Kelsey Farris

I specialize in Infusions and Chemical Peels, and I love to work with clients to create the best skin care routine for their specific skin type. My ultimate goal is to make sure every client feels radiant and confident. I love building a personal and professional relationship with my clients to gain their trust and help them relax.